Ukulele Summer Camp in Troy, NY

July 10, 2012 by Ike
Artist's Depiction of Troy Ukulele Summer Camp


Are you sitting around, lazing your summer away, wishing you had done something more productive than watching old episodes of “Quantum Leap” and “Wings?”

Do you have a penchant for all things vaguely Hawaiian, particularly small stringed instruments?

Are you looking to add a “Blue Hawaii” number to your Elvis impersonator set list?

Do you sign up for things simply because you read a passably written blog post about them?


Christ Church United Methodist (35 State Street, Troy, NY – Click here for map), is hosting 2 sessions of Ukulele Summer Camp, starting next week:

Session 1:

July 16-19th, 2012 -Everyday, 5:30-6:30pm

Session 2:

July 23-26th, 2012 – Everyday, 5:30-6:30pm


They’re asking for a $10 donation per Session, which I think is  almost unreasonably low. I’m sure they’ll take more if you offer it.

However, thats not even the cool part! (I know, hard to believe). On Friday July 27th, after Summer Camp is over, there will be a FIRST EVER TIPTOE THROUGH TROY, a ukulele march through downtown to coincide with Troy Night Out.

If you’re interested, and lets face it – you are, find more information at or download a registration form here