Top Ten Things I Refuse To Live Without…This Weekend.

March 25, 2012 by Jessica

10- Forgetting to work out.
Several runs were lost in the war this weekend. Along with 2 Yoga classes and the will to get right. It felt so good to be bad.

9- Croissants From the Placid Baker

I picked up these babies early Saturday and surprised by bedfellows with delicious treats. SHOWOFF.

8- BB Cream
The best thing I have ever put on my face that is supposed to be there.

7- FUN. Song.

6- Matchstick Jeans From J CREW
Keeping it right and tight. Girls of all shapes and sizes can dig these classic blues. Super affordable at JCrew outlet near you.

I want to be on you.

5- Instagram

Although I keep forgetting this is a SHARING site, cant stop/wont stop instagramming.

4- Mingle.
Saffron Mussells. Jose telling us what to do. Scallops, Salmon, Chocolate Rasoberry Mousse. If you have not tried Mingle yet, put it on your list of things to do.

3- MAD MEN PREMIERE- The return of THE DON.
Tonight. I’ve been pretty much salivating for months…..finally, the wait is over. Drool.

2- Reuniting the Lions Den.
The wait is also over. The love affair is not.

1- Jen Montalvo…. in my masks and in my bed. Priceless.

POST BY Jessica
There was a void in her life. A spicy, meaty void . And the desire to fill that void led her across the river from Albany, to Troy, NY. It was there that she finally found it. Jamaican Beef Patty perfection. And lots of it. Late at night, I Love NY Jamaican Beef patties fueled her shenanigans. During the day, the premade frozen beef patties at the 3rd St bodegas kept her energy up for back to back yoga sessions. Like the Bee Girl from the Blind Melon video, she finally found a place with people like her. Except she’s a ginger. And not chubby. Slowly, it dawned on her. Troy, NY was meant for her and she made the purchase that would ensure she could remain, pockets filled with spiced meat encased in preservative laden dough: white curtains to put in her windows so as not to run afoul of the Troy Historic District’s guidelines. She could breathe easy. This was home. *****************************************************************************************************