‘Tis the Season in Troy, NY

November 30, 2012 by cmaxby

We’re here to help… always. Over the course of the next week or so, we’ll be posting some Troy specific gift guides for that special someone in your life. We at American Troyalty LOVE the holiday season. There are presents, an excuse for spiked egg nog (both socially and alone at home, straight from the carton), lights in the trees, and decorated windows.

For Eric C.

To start things off, what do you get for your loved ones if you have no money?

It is tough… Christmas is a pretty commercial holiday and unless you can wrap it up in a bow and place it under a tree (or in a driveway based on what those Lexus commercials want me to believe), the fear is that your loved one will feel slighted. They won’t. I promise. And if they do, cut them loose because they suck. If you don’t want to cut them lose for sucking, you can always find alternative means of getting cash at the Third & Congress bus stop.

Otherwise, the key to a non-monetary gift, in my opinion, is access. If your loved one isn’t nearby, just send them a note… a handwritten letter telling them how much you care. No one in the history of the world (that doesn’t suck) has ever complained about receiving a heartfelt seasonal note that was not written in bodily fluids (Protip: Do not write this letter in blood. Save it for Valentine’s Day.). During the Victorian Stroll, the Broadway Post office will even have a special stamp you can throw on your letter.

As someone who appreciates experiences over dust collecting crap, if your loved one is local, invite them down to Troy on a crisp evening once the Monument is lit. Meet them with warm apple cider (I liked mine spiked with rum but you do you) in a thermos and take them on a walking tour of the city. Chat about whatever- your favorite Uncle Sam, what you think Willie Jackson and Betty are up to, and whatever else floats your boat. They will remember this more than a stupid knock off Yankee Candle from Target.

If you can’t even afford spiked cider in a thermos, your best bet is the aforementioned Victoria Stroll on Sunday. For me, the day is a chance to drink at least a cup of apple cider from every business that offers it, buy Troy t-shirts from Design it Together, and hug Newfoundlands, but for you it could be a cheap way to stroll and drink free cider! The Monument lights up at 5. You will not see me there because I will clutching a glass of mulled cider at the Confectionery and affecting an Upper Crust Victorian accent (aka talking about myself in the third person and asking where that hunk Albie got off to).

What a babe.
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