Small Business Saturday/ CMAXBY’s guts of steel.

Welp. We got our real first hate mail this week. I’m not gonna lie to you, I’ve kind of been waiting quietly for it to happen. I’m tough on the outside,  but CMAXBY’s  tougher on the inside. For example: I’m better at getting slapped or arrested, but she’s better at just not giving a damn AND she has guts of pure steel.

I’ve seen the girl cap off a run with a coca cola classic and a heaping pile of nachos. The ones from Brown’s. All of them. For real. She can eat anything and never feel sick. I can eat an egg that’s one day past its prime and be taken down for days. My insides are made of flower petals and candy land cards and I’m not afraid to admit it.  She’s made of gun metal and Hilary Clinton and wild animals. She’s got that Collar City crass and class….the pretty gritty toughness that’s all over this little city. When people say we are jerks, I get quiet, and she posts more and more, without us ever talking about it, and without telling me to stop being a delicate flower. That’s the kind of friend I’m thankful for, and that’s the kind of love and teamwork the whole world needs.

In real and meaningful news, (start reading here) Today is small business Saturday, so get downtown and love your local shops. Shower the people you love with local love, and I promise you’ll feel extra warm and fuzzy. Plus it’s snowing! And you can get a hot coco from Illium with the whipped cream and chocolate on top. Personally, I think the best gifts are ones that are unique and special and things you wouldn’t buy for yourself. You can get tonnnnnssssssss of stuff like that down here. So far, here are some of my favorite local gift ideas,  in no particular order. Keep in mind I’m just getting started, much more to come on this.

Candles from The Botanic Studio. My ABSOLUTE favorite scent in the whole entire world is the Warm Perique Tabac, which smells like some sort of leather and lace musky dungeon of Egyptian apricots and Cleopatra and woods and sex and heaven. I can’t really explain it. But any of the candles from this shop will literally blow your mind and make you the hands down winner of any gift giving contest you might be in.




(This combination will blow your mind. )





Baby knits from Anchor. The handmade booties and sweaters are UNREAL. You could even lie and say you made them yourself, if you are really looking to score points. Another Anchor favorite are the Ditty Drop earrings. Plus, Petra has the best Holiday music on and wraps up all your gifts really nicely so you don’t have to.

American Troyalty tshirts from Design It Together.…..looks GREAT on the whole family. Good to the last drop. (I’m not ashamed.)

Fleece lined leggins from Truly Rhe. For people who don’t really want to wear pants, but don’t want to freeze. (Me.)

Unique kitchen gadgets from Pfiels. Like this chainsaw pizza cutter. I don’t know why I needed this but some things just can’t be explained and it’s best to just follow your heart.

Pizza + Violence = Love.

Handmade funky jewelry from River Rocks. I get almost all my earrings here and if you want something you don’t see, Theresa will probably make it for you if you ask nicely.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Can someone please tell me what to buy grown men for Christmas? Seriously….boys? boys? We need some help. Making a concerted effort to avoid the grown men version of this,  this Holiday Season:


  1. Ali H. says:

    Godddd it stopped snowing. IT STOPPED.

  2. steve says:

    My favorite gift from my wife is and will always be a nice bottle of liquor. Love the shirt you guys had made up. Do they sell them off the rack or do you need to special order it? Finally got My wife to start reading the blog after showing her the hooker post. Hilarious…

    • Jessica says:

      The gift that keeps on giving! Thanks for getting your wife on board, and the shirts are available in the shop…check it out!

    • Ben says:

      Hey Steve, Ben from Design it Together here… we just ordered in more men’s sizes to have a bunch of new Troyalty tees ready for the Victorian Stroll!

      • steve says:

        That’s great I’m looking forward to getting one. I’d like to come in and design a Troy themed shirt.I’ve been trying to figure out how to come up with a funny t about how the Albany viaduct was the beginning of the downfall of Troy. They even filled a lawsuit to stop the construction.I’ve always lived inTroy and love it…but in 1832 it was the 14th wealthiest city in the united states.if you want to go to bed crying tonight, have a look at those now and then books they sell at b&n. Entire blocks of for story mansions in downtown, Congress St was lined with Greek revival homes. This city had some serious cash for a long time.
        I’m going to stop in and see what we can come up with, it’ll be fun. Something smart and witty.
        Just a side note. My favorite Troy t of all time is the hardcore scene guys with the “Troy” my town can beat up up your whole city. I think that says it all…

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