Singing in the sunshine, laughing in the rain.

Last night,  Eric Cintron said he is concerned (HATES) that I am less snarky than days of yore. Well my friends, I’m pleased to report the annual upstate NY seasonal depression is giving way to endorphin infused sprints up and down the sunny approach, patio dining, open toed shoes, and ice cream. I can’t be in a bad mood. I love everything and cannot contain myself or my happy dancing. Not sorry.

THE FUTURE: Outside Daisy Bakers + Bacchus tonight.

THE FUTURE: Outside Daisy Bakers + Bacchus tonight.

To further heighten my pleasure zone, the farmers market goes outdoors this weekend. Scarlett Kennedy and I have been keeping a countdown so I can assure you  there are at least TWO people on the block who are going to get totally out of control at the market. CERTAIN PEOPLE say “I know you are very excited the market is freeing itself from the unsightly bowels of the atrium, but it really can’t be that exciting.” Well let me tell you something. Certain people are wrong. The outdoor farmers market is the ultimate culmination of all things that equal happiness, friendship, and love. (Two of these things don’t exist, but if they did, they would surely exist the most and the hardest at the outdoor market.)

Besides the fact that we don’t have to wear unsightly winter clothing, you can spend the morning gathering all the best stuff inside of the most perfect corridor. You can see friends and neighbors. Smell the flowers. Sing in the sunshine. Laugh in the rain. (Insert snarkkkk.)

Gone are the days.

Gone are the days.

The best architecture, the river, the monument, and you. Besides it being beautiful and fun, any farmers market is like the last shred of hunting and gathering and I can just tell those types of activities are deeply etched into my DNA. Somewhere on the same strand as feeding hungry people and crying at the halftime show. Or something.

And. Illium iced coffee is the bees knees. Perhaps someday the confectionery could offer us coffee for the farmers market. That would be something, because let’s be honest… is the best. Sipping on Placid Baker right now…and this is very good as well. (Anyway.)

More happy dancing. That's whats up.

More happy dancing. That’s whats up.

In case you didn’t hear, in addition to the outdoor market (9-2) we also have our First Food Truck Fest or something happening down in Riverfront Park. Pretty hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t get physically and emotionally excited when seeing 12+ trucks of foods and 3 bands blasting all the songs. It’s going to be 75 and sunny. Get yer ya ya’s I mean SPF 55 out. It’s gonna be a good one.

The Fine Print: Jim Scully, please be kind when rating this blog. 




  1. MJC says:

    perfect weekend teaser …with an epic classic rock epilogue. Nice post, as always kiddo…


  2. PizzzaGod says:

    Who is Jim Scully and why is he rating this blog?

  3. Steven says:

    I miss this blog like a girl from summer camp. I took this awesome video of the Poestenkill falls when I was coming home from work this morning. I thought you might need some inspiration. That water fall is a beast when it gets rippin’. E-mail me and I’ll send you the video and a still picture of the falls during normal conditions. I was genuinely concerned for my safety…enjoy.

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