Rumor has it…

March 25, 2013 by cmaxby

I had the best post about rumors in Troy lined up for this weekend and then was promptly felled by a demon cold thanks to one of my coworkers that refuses to work from home even when she has a shower of snot streaming down her face. I’m burning a hole in the back of her hacking head now as I type this…

In two years we'll look at this photo and marvel at the change
In two years we’ll look at this photo and marvel at the change

Anyway, since it’s official and no longer fueling the rumor mill in downtown, congrats to Vic and Heather on their purchase of 207 Broadway. Yeah, the building is a mess, but it has character and I trust the two of them will bring it back to respectability using the same combination of hard work and thoughfulness that has made the Confectionery so successful. I want to hear no Negative Nancy’s in the peanut gallery; the building was crumbling, open to the elements, and in desperate need of TLC, and with this purchase, has received a stay of execution. As someone who lives in a 200 year old building and hasn’t even managed to finish painting the dining room I started a year ago, I tip my glass of Chloe Creek Pinot Noir at them for taking this job on.

For those itching to take a tour but refusing to get off their barstool to gawk, I got you. And by that I mean there are photos on the internet of the progress made so far. I found them through Google. It’s probably better you look at those than the new photos of Lil Kim’s face that have been circulating… less nightmares.

Returning to the land of serious enquiries, who’s going to make the next move and purchase 9 First St or the Trojan Hotel? Troy’s a city for the bold, both in ideas and in funds, so if you’re thinking about it, now is the time.

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