Magna Heartspace Holy Grail

Summer is something else. It’s very difficult to find a moment of free time in ones busy schedule to do something like work, blog, act right, etc. There is practically no time to do anything other than lay in the grass, drink summery drinks, play dress up, ride boats/ horses (pick your poison. HINT: I hate horses and think they are menaces and a drain on society.) And more.

You may have thought the death of American Troyalty was imminent and perhaps this pleased you (our #1 reader obv wants us dead. hi.) Or perhaps there is a slim (to none) chance that you REALLY truly missed us, or even worried that we’d left (been asked to leave) town. We are very popular people and obviously have been totally swamped all summer long. AND, my computer got lost. The interwebs went down. I also injured my hand in a margarita accident. It was hot. I barely had time to comb out out my sweet black moustache or have happy hour with children. Maxby barely had ANY time to fight (and win!) vigilante crimes or get more cats. We were JUST swamped.
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And I personally needed a breather from all this extremely strenuous activity. Enough already.

After recuperating from such a grueling season, I am ready to embrace Fall and all its harvesty glory. Fall is change. And starts. Or fits and starts. Fall leaves and fresh starts and harvest moons and cinnamon girls. Or just as good excuse as ever to wear leather, go to bed at 9:30, BUY MORE BOOTS, or whatever makes you the happiest.

Walking home down 2nd street last Saturday, I was already bursting with happiness and feeling completely charmed (2 sangrias and an IPA might have had something to do with this.) I was passing back by the Confectionery and noticed a white paper sign on adjacent door. Upon further inspection, I momentarily died and went to straight to heaven.



First of all, HELLO I LOVE YOU. Second of all, this is the single most exciting thing to happen to 2nd street since the Confectionery opened and I was allowed in. Or maybe since Bacchus lifted the ban between 2XIPA and myself. In other words, this. could. not. be. better.

Heartspace Yoga is THE best yoga studio in the capital district, and I would even LEAVE Troy to catch the Albany classes on occasion. I love everything about this studio. Except I couldn’t walk there. Now, my life is complete.

Sliced bread is nothing to me. And this is everything. In case you weren’t convinced that this is the best neighborhood of all time, please find me tonight and ask me what we don’t have here, because I can’t think of a god damned thing. Tonight is Troy Night Out and Heartspace is showing off the new studio. Classes start Saturday morning. (My main concern is to try not to get TOO fit, but thankfully I can pop in next door for some (one million) cheeses post yoga sesh and that should take care of that.) I’ve got it all figured out.

Mainly, all you need to know is SUMMER IS OVER, tonight is TNO, I hate horses, WE HAVE HEARTSPACE, and Elton John and I have just ONE thing in common. Yes.


  1. CMaxby says:

    My horses hate you right back.

    • Vic says:


      I had no other contact info for you, so I’m hoping that you still check these blog comments.

      The directors of the movie that is being shot in Troy are looking to rent a horse. Please email me, and I will put them in touch with you.

      – Vic

  2. Jessica, it is such a pleasure to have you back on this blog keeping us all informed about this historical city of Troy NY. I truly enjoy your style of writing, your humor and passion for what you do! I hope the Mayor of this city appreciates what you do to promote local business and activities that make this such a cool place to be and enjoy!

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