Happy Birthday in Troy, NY

February 5, 2013 by cmaxby

2013 is a big year for Trojan breakfasts as Manory’s turns 100 and Bruegger’s 30.

Fun fact: My college apartment was decorated entirely with bagel art from the Stuyvesant Plaza Bruegger’s after they decided to redecorate.

A lot of people are surprised when I tell them Bruegger’s started in Troy, and even moreso when I say that the very first one still sits at the corner of Congress and Franklin alley. Or that if you go to the Bruegger’s Wikipedia page you can see a photo of the original Troy location AND that I didn’t put it there. I guess the idea that a national franchise is Troy born and bred is hard for some people to wrap their heads around. I’m keeping that in mind when launching my international fashion line of t-shirts featuring a screenprinted Jessica performing various yoga poses in front of Troy landmarks. Or maybe that should be a calendar… who knows. Still in the brainstorming phase…

Anyway! To celebrate, Brueggers is offering a special a day, including 30 cent small coffee, 30 cent bagels, etc. Full disclosure, I’m at Bruegger’s almost every morning because they give me a free cup of coffee anyway (and by that I mean I paid for the mug club but like to pretend I’m so well known/feared that breakfast places give me free coffee) and they have the best cream cheese (jalepeno on onion, pumpkin on plain, oh god the maple…). Yes, there is a Dunkin Donuts going in next door (fully functional by March, I’m told), but Bruegger’s will still have my money and heart.

Both Manory’s and Grand Central Terminal are turning 100 this year. I cannot count how many times I’ve said “Thank goodness for Manory’s” out loud in my lifetime. While beautiful, I have never said that about Grand Central. When I was little and my mom and I used to drive over to North Adams, MA every weekend to see my family, passing by Manory’s on our way back down Route 2 towards home was my signal that in exactly 10 minutes I’d be on the couch, eating a pudding pop, and watching the Cosby show. It doesn’t matter that I no longer live in the same spot; when I drive by Manory’s there’s still a part of me that thinks “You’re going home.”

When I got older and moved to Troy, I could always count on them to be open when no one else was. This is especially true for the Great New Year’s Day Hangover of 2012 and, most recently, the ”I Should Have Learned My Lesson the Last Time” New Year’s Day Hangover of 2013. Nothing like jump starting a positive and healthy year like two eggs over easy, extra bacon, a coke, and piecing together the course of the previous night’s events.

If friends come to visit and stay with us, there’s a 95% chance we’re taking them to Manory’s for breakfast. This includes friends that will do things like ask the waitstaff if they have fresh hand squeezed orange juice. If you were wondering, they do not. However, they field questions like this from your yuppie Brooklyn living friends with patience and bemusement which is much more than your friends deserve. Then they give them a real breakfast, not brunch, and hot coffee because after eating here you’re supposed to do something with your day not talk about putting birds on things.  

You want to see some adoring fans, young and old? Check out Manory’s facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Manorys/141860381022 There’s a reason they’re an institution.

Anyway, hot chocolate overflowing with whipped cream in hand or, in the summertime, parked at the counter with a sundae, going into Manory’s makes me relax for a bit and takes me back to a time I didn’t have to worry about work, bills, or what the idiots escaping the Biergarten are going to do down Third St tonight (RIP AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA). Here’s to another century. 10 minutes late for work, need breakfast that isn’t McDoogle’s? Thank you, Breugger’s. I will hopefully be including you in my random Troy facts for another 30 years.

All I can spell out of these letters is “RUB”. I always sucked at Boggle…
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