Hangover Sundays in Troy, NY

July 8, 2012 by cmaxby

A good Sunday in Troy is my favorite day. The crowds from the Farmer’s Market are gone and it seems like the city is thinking the same thing I am: Let’s recuperate from yesterday/last night and take it real easy today because tomorrow playtime is over. That’s the definition of a Hangover Sunday and Troy does them the best.

Today is the perfect Hangover Sunday… It seems like everyone went pretty hard last night. The streets are quiet, the air and wind are both equally as hot, and we’ve been on the edge of rain all day. Today’s brunch specials are truly special (I know because I’ve gotten texts from 12 different people about who has what and how excited they were); no one dialed it in this AM because they knew what we were doing yesterday.

If you’ve got a roof deck or a backyard, get out there now. If you don’t, find the nearest cafe or coffee shop with outdoor seating, order an iced coffee or a Bloody Mary, and watch the world NOT go by in Troy. Just get outside and enjoy the city while she’s quiet because it’s so rare and she does loud so well.

You deserve it.

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