Finding Things To Do in Troy When You Don’t Have Facebook

I love the internet. I’m really good at it. I love all the pictures of cats saying funny things. I love that I can go to the Googles and find out what most people under the age of 25 had for breakfast that morning. But the internet is full of assholes and for that reason I suspended my facebook account for awhile.

This has had very interesting results. I feel free. I’m completely unburdened by the knowledge that little-precious-snugglepuss took his first dump in public after eating a homemade cakepop. I have no idea how much you hate your husband/brother/boss/mother. And for my fragile ego, I haven’t seen 50 pictures of you looking 100x better in that dress I tried on last week that sent me into a shame spiral of eating 2 boxes of Tagalongs.

The drawback? I never know what the hell is going on!

Everyone plans everything on the ol’ FB now. Weekend plans. Day drinking plans. Flash mob plans… And I’m expected to know because I’m expected to be on facebook (if I had twitter I’d hashtag the shit out of this with #firstworldproblems. See? Good at the internet).

Anyway, it’s taken me some scouting but I’ve managed to find out about fun events in ways other than the obvious persistent pestering of my friends.

Behold! The bulletin board!

Facebook circa 1987

 This is the greatest of all the Troy bulletin boards and it can be found on Congress, between 2nd & 3rd St at… the vestibule in Brueggers!
Seriously, there are some awesome activities to be found on here and I’m not just talking about the exclamatory DOULA! shouting at us from the center.
I basically planned a months worth of activities without once pestering anyone. Birds are basically flying dinosaurs which is AWESOME.
If it weren’t for this particular board, I would have never found out about Winter Raptor Fest. If  the name itself doesn’t sell you, here’s a little website quote to tempt you: “Hawks and owls demonstrate their aerial agility in an exciting free-flight raptor show on both days of Winter Raptor Fest weekend!” I went to one of these things a few years ago and a hawk, that was supposed to be doing feats of aerial excellence, went rogue and tried to kill a roaming herd of peacocks. Peacocks are the worst, if you weren’t aware, so if you aren’t sold by now we obviously will never be friends.

It's like Semester at Sea without the risk of getting "Van Der Slooted"

It's like Semester at Sea without the risk of getting "Van Der Slooted"

Look folks, education is important. And, the majority of the world lives near a freshwater source. Fun fact: almost 80% of people living in upstate NY do so within 25 miles of the Erie Canal.

So if you like learning, rivers, and don’t get horribly, overwhelmingly motion sick, River University is probably for you. And I would have never known it existed if not for Brueggers!
I’d go. I mean… I would if I wasn’t already well out of undergrad and not currently being crushed by a mountain of student loan debt. By my loss is your gain!
This knitted thing has been up here for a year and a half and I'm still no closer to understanding what it is.

This knitted thing has been up here for a year and a half and I'm still no closer to understanding what it is.

As my beloved Stefon would say, this bulletin board has everything: apartments for rent, knitted yarny things of indeterminate origin, financial planning… Who needs facebook when I already know where to go to get my spring cleanse???
Honorable mention in the “Best Bulletin Board in Downtown Troy” category goes to Market Block Books. This is actually less to do with how awesome their bulletin board is, and more to do with the fact I have a hard time leaving there without $70 worth of books and a new Jane Eyre tote bag. Checking out the bulletin board at Brueggers causes less of a dent in my budget and several fewer emails from my account at


  1. Ali H. says:

    Whoa, time to replenish my business cards at Breugger’s. Wait wait wait hold up, Market Block has Jane Eyre tote bags?

    • cmaxby says:

      They have those great Penguin Classics totes. I now have 3 and it’s becoming harder and harder to justify buying more (“No, but I NEED it! I have… socks/carpet nails/kittens I need to store in them!”).

  2. Carlene says:

    …is the knitted yarn thingy to hold thumbtacks?

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