Design It Together With Loveeeeee

August 15, 2012 by Jessica

This morning, over my terrible coffee and under the spell of half sleep, I lingered in my own hallway and stopped to admire my red red Market Block print. I saw this in Design It Together about 6 months ago and really wanted it right away. Not only is it an original print and pretty, but Market Block is one of my vintage Troy throwback favorite things, buildings, blocks, landmarks, words, etc.  Design It Together has a lot of really unique TROY inspired prints, shirts, and cards….as well as other funky designs that I think you might like…..


From Market Block with Love



DIT just moved into a bigger location (across the street from their old location) at 291 River Street. I recommend checking them out ASAP for all sorts of kitschy cute stuff. They specialize in all sorts of design and screen printing, but also offer a bunch of other creative services. Even a sister record label. Fo real.

Whats really unique about DIT is that you can collaborate with the team on your own idea and have it brought to life. Which means that REALLY soon we will have some AT shirts for you in their windows! It’s taken me a really long time to decide on some stuff (surprise!) and Ben and Taylor have been really great sports and fun to work with.

Yesterday I was walking by and saw an insanely cute baby onesie that I’m 99% certain had Freddie Mercury on it singing “MAMMMMAmiaaaaaaaaaaa…” but I’m going to need the guys to confirm that one. It could very possibly be a guy saying “Mamaaaaaa”……that my wishful imagination ran wild with.

In any event, I am over the moon excited to grab TWO of these baby Freddie Mercury’s for TWO of my best friends in the entire universe who both have some of our first baby bunnies on the way. I’m not one to spill my mushy guts all over, but I could not be more excited, happier, or more full of ridiculous amounts of love for these folks

The Best Old Love.

POST BY Jessica
There was a void in her life. A spicy, meaty void . And the desire to fill that void led her across the river from Albany, to Troy, NY. It was there that she finally found it. Jamaican Beef Patty perfection. And lots of it. Late at night, I Love NY Jamaican Beef patties fueled her shenanigans. During the day, the premade frozen beef patties at the 3rd St bodegas kept her energy up for back to back yoga sessions. Like the Bee Girl from the Blind Melon video, she finally found a place with people like her. Except she’s a ginger. And not chubby. Slowly, it dawned on her. Troy, NY was meant for her and she made the purchase that would ensure she could remain, pockets filled with spiced meat encased in preservative laden dough: white curtains to put in her windows so as not to run afoul of the Troy Historic District’s guidelines. She could breathe easy. This was home. *****************************************************************************************************