Bridge Over The River Hudson in Troy, NY

June 22, 2012 by Jessica


Pedestrian walkways are the best. As I took this pedestrian detour the other day, I was both HAPPY that pedestrians were considered, but also SAD that the walkway itself, the Congress Street bridge, was originally erected in a such a way that allows cars to travel over a river, but not in a way that allows humans to use the bridge to get to the other shore of the river, where a prettttty seedy/fun/terrible/awesome Rusty Anchor Barge looks me right in the eye, tauntingly, on a nice day. She wants me to come in, but I cannot.

It’s not just the bar. There is also a little park along this stretch of river in Green Island….which is exactly one city block and one Hudson river away from my front door. We could access the river from RIGHT HERE, instead of driving (Bikes!) 5 miles to get in.

YET. I cannot get to this destination without driving in a huge weird nonsensical route that removes the walkability (READ: FUN) of hitting up the Rusty Anchor for some (Hudson River)Tropical drinks under the shade of the tiki bar.

I get that bridges cost a lot of money, and money doesn’t grow on trees. But. If we are working on this big expensive bridge anyway, couldn’t we at least include SOME pedestrian consideration? I mean, I’m not asking for a pedestrian bridge to go from my front door to the Rusty Anchor…I mean…that would be unnecessary. Right? Riiiight?? I don’t frequent that area often, but MAYBE I would go there a lot more often if I could walk over this bridge, and then walk down a little magical staircase that would plop me onto the grass. River side.

Currently, the Congress Street bridge crosses over 6 lanes of 787 and ejects us right on the wrong side of a pretty big highway, completely blocked from getting to the park, riverfront, or Rusty Anchor.

No offense to Watervliet, but I don’t walk over that bridge much because the only think it can bring me to right now is the worst Price Chopper in the world. IF the bridge could bring me to the Hudson Shores park/riverfront/rusty anchor, it would just be a really nice walk, and I would do it all the time. I swear. I’d love it. Id bring people. We’d hold hands and laugh and our hair would blow in the wind…casually, but awesomely.

SOooooooo, since the bridge is being repaired right now, it seeeeeems like a prettttttty good time to throw a pedestrian staircase right on the riverfront. A ladder? Rope ladder? Don’t make me build one….please. Last time I tried my hand at construction, things went wildly awry and a lot of people ended up with some horrible splinters.

Please give us a staircase.


We’ll be good.

Your Friend,



POST BY Jessica
There was a void in her life. A spicy, meaty void . And the desire to fill that void led her across the river from Albany, to Troy, NY. It was there that she finally found it. Jamaican Beef Patty perfection. And lots of it. Late at night, I Love NY Jamaican Beef patties fueled her shenanigans. During the day, the premade frozen beef patties at the 3rd St bodegas kept her energy up for back to back yoga sessions. Like the Bee Girl from the Blind Melon video, she finally found a place with people like her. Except she’s a ginger. And not chubby. Slowly, it dawned on her. Troy, NY was meant for her and she made the purchase that would ensure she could remain, pockets filled with spiced meat encased in preservative laden dough: white curtains to put in her windows so as not to run afoul of the Troy Historic District’s guidelines. She could breathe easy. This was home. *****************************************************************************************************