Breaking News in Troy, NY

January 18, 2013 by cmaxby

About an hour ago it was announced on the Broadway Brew Biergarten facebook page that the owner, Kareem Jandali, has decided to close the bar on Wednesday, Jan 30th. This comes after a slate of bad press after last weekend’s violence in downtown Troy. After all the media attention, Jandali and his team took the next logical PR step and… created a Groupon for the business and then announced the closure of the bar a few days later.

From everyone here at American Troyalty to everyone there at the Broadway Biergarten, you will not be missed. Not your beer pong tournaments, not the patrons who leave your bar after dollar shot night and trash Third St by dumping garbage cans and kicking over signs, not your peppering vehicles with your crappy advertisements, and not your terrible billboard on Route 2 driving into Watervliet. We will not miss your bartenders who have no idea what beer I just ordered because they didn’t know how the word “Warsteiner” sounded, nor the volume being  turned up to 11 on a Wednesday night at 8PM when no one else is in there except us trying to try your damn German Food. We will not miss your bouncers with no sleeves in the dead of winter making comments as we walk by on our way to Finnbar’s.And last, but not least, we will not miss having to  have a cop car parked out in front of your business every weekend to ensure that some jackass doesn’t start another 30 person brawl.

Auf Wiedersehen.

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