Boxing Day in Troy, NY

December 26, 2012 by cmaxby

I’ve been out of town for what feels like ages, and from the moment I landed in Albany International Airport after a whirlwind tour of the American Southwest, Troy had already pulled her Christmas turtleneck all the way up over her face and peaced out for the holiday. No complaints from me; other than trying to pry open Bacchus’s window on Monday night after my Christmas Eve festivities, I think I handled myself pretty well while my favorite businesses shuttered their doors to spend time with their family.

To my delight, though, today is the best of all holidays: Boxing Day. In other countries, people get the day off to┬ádeal with their hangovers and return their least favorite gifts. Here, I’m content with the fact that most of Troy’s bars and restaurants open back up so I can visit them.

It’s also time for me to start taking down the giant┬átree that’s been residing in my living room for the past couple of weeks and play “Guess How Long the Christmas Tree Stays in the Alley Before the Garbagemen Take it Away.” We measure this not in units of time but in the amount of woodland creatures that take up residence in the tree while it remains in the alley. Last year we had 2 field mice and a small possum. Based on the size and health of this years tree (10 feet tall and bulletproof), I’m calling that this is the year we bag an urban fox. And by that I mean Jess after 2 90 Minute IPAs.

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