Bonafide in Troy, NY

Shockingly, disaster did not follow after this photograph was taken.

Well citizens of everywhere that isn’t Troy, you’re on notice. It happened. Troy is officially better than your town. She’s taller, prettier, better at math, and drives a nicer car.

Don’t scoff. We’ve been talking about it at American Troyalty for a year now, others have been whispering it behind their hands for decades, and the DeFazios have been proclaiming it through their food for generations. But we don’t need to be demure about it anymore.

If pressed, I’ll give you the date that it happened, 11/9/12, but you’d probably know it best as “The Day the Charles F. Lucas Confectionery and Wine Bar Opened”.

I’m not saying that one little wine bar MADE Troy, I’m saying its opening slammed the door in the face of all the surrounding areas that used to laugh at the mention of its name. We have the Pizza (Defazios, I Love, Bacchus, Red Front (OH, DAMN RIGHT IT’S INCLUDED)), the wings (The Ruck, Ale House), the fine dining (Illium, Daisy Bakers, LoPortos), the shopping (Anchor No5, Counties of Ireland, Some Girls, River Rocks, Market Block Books, Annick Designs, and allllll the others), the dance club (Halo at Kokopellis), the Farmers’ Market, the Tiffany stained glass, the architecture, the advocates (Duncan Crary, Kimmie of Troy, any number of people that rip off our photos and put them on their own facebook page to show how awesome Troy is to their friends and/or how smokin’ hot Jess is (PS DON’T EVER STOP)), two Subreddits (RPI, Troy), an evil lair (EMPAC), the dancing (swing at Daisy Bakers on Weds Night, any number of classes at the Arts Center, NADINE EFFING MEDINA), the delicious treats (X&Os, Sweet Sue’s, Dante’s), the benchless and nonbenchless parks (Riverfront, Barker), the scandalous politics making national news… I can’t go on. There’s too much. WE HAVE TOO MUCH.

But my point is, with the addition of this beautiful, thoughtful, candlelit coffee and wine bar, Troy wins.

Forgive the lack of hysterical cat pictures… I’m exhausted from the amount of awesome places in Troy I just listed and the 3 cheese plates I consumed at the Confectionery last night. I need a cigarette and a nap.

Say our name, Albany.


  1. Josh says:

    We also have perhaps the best bloggers. Ever.

  2. Scott says:

    Have to add the No. 1 brewpub in New York State in there…Browns!! Plus the Dino, Finnbar’s…and I know, I know….the list goes on, and on, and on……

  3. Jack S says:

    Now they just need a live music scene. Bring back Rev Hall

  4. -S says:

    Troy. Proudly discovering Wine and Cheese bars since 2012.

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