Best Week Ever (or so far out of September.)

This morning, I’m teaching a special (CMAXBY-IT’S YOU) someone how to run. She is great at walking, standing, eating, writing, buying boots, and more….so I think it will be a fate accompli without too much instructional guidelines or 80′s how-to-workout videos. More to come on this adventure in athleticism later.

Mornings can be a weird time when you are the only one up and already want to play with everyone. So, instead of poking people awake and getting hit, I’m going to channel this inappropriate energy into far too many details of what went on around here this week.

Things that happened this week:

  • Made vegan chili for my friends and lovers. Read: friends. (I’m going to make some lucky cat veryyyyy happy one day.) I started with only the freshest ingredients (YES, cans can be very fresh you know) and exactly one million beans. A special blend of spicy, so much chopping, and before I knew it my apartment smelled like something I imagined out of of Urban Cowboy. AKA…delicious. In addition to making 100 servings of this healthy delight, I EVEN made these cute little cornbreads with green chilis and loveee. I realize as I folded an egg and greek yogurt into the cornbread that my earthy vegan lifestyle only lasted about 17 minutes. My hopes were not terribly high…..because….well, cheese. I just can’t quit you.
  • Discovered that The Daily Grind has Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin anddddd, even better, we got to see our favoriteeeee friend and neighbor, Jack Casey flex his acoustic chops. On an unfortunate note, does the guy that works at the Daily Grind at night hate everyone else, or just me? I’m just curious. After that, we skipped off to the music hall and caught the last couple sets from the Nitty Gritty Dirty Dirt Dirt band. The music hall is a love of my life. I try to act cool and relaxed, but I definitely still get a case of what CMAXBY calls my moon/saucer eyes as I eye the entire place, over and over. My heart explodes. If you haven’t gone, you gotta check it out for a show. She’s a beauty.
  • Checked out Some Girls new digs on River Street. Congrats to Margaret! Definitely head over if you are looking for something funky, fresh, and local. Keeping it real in the 518 is a top priority in this neighborhood. And I love real fake fur.
  • I gave up pants. Its tights and boots from here on out. I’ll be your Peter Pan if you’ll be my never never land. I didn’t forget my pants and I am not in mourning….that I know of. I’m in them for several reasons. 1. I like how they look. 2. They are stretchy. 3. They work with all boots. 4. Easy transition to costume. 5. Good for crime fighting. 6. I have 10 pairs so never have to do laundry. 7. I’ll stop.  I could last the entire Fall with black tights/leggins, short boots, Lincoln Park After Dark, and a super cozy and soft sweater. And a hat. I can’t quit hats either and don’t even ask me to try.
  • Found out that Lagunitas Little Somethin’ Wild is back ON tap at Bacchus!  It’s the most fragrant, fruity, floral IPA around AND Jim (warned) reminded me that it had a hefty 8% alcohol content, whichhhhhh….letsbehonest, that equation converts to about 95% for me. I was a little concerned that I was just a tiny bit bold (whoops) at Bacchus last Friday night and thought Jim would remember me walking on his ledge in my super high heels and refusing to get down…..but that’s the thing about this neighborhood. People may remember, but no one really is surprised or holds something likea little ledge walking against you.  It’s like the best dysfunctional family you’ve ever had. Thanksgiving is wild. And it’s EVERY night. We decided last night that 2nd street is the best street of all time, and that we love everyone, and pizza too.

It was a good week.


  1. Josh says:

    2nd Street IS the best street ever!!! We love our street!!

  2. Cmaxby says:

    Let’s face it, 3rd St can and will beat up 2nd St any day of the week. I challenge 2nd St to a “Beat It”-style dance & knife fight. High Noon. Saturday. Franklin Alley btwn Broadway and River.

    • Josh says:

      No way!!! Not even a contest. Besides… we could just as easily hit up the Farmer’s Market and get coffee from Spillin’ and a croissant from the Placid Baker. And be happy. Also: no one gets dance stabbed in the alley.

      • cmaxby says:

        We get to claim Spillin’ as it’s on Third St. Placid Baker is in a demilitarized zone since technically it’s on the alley that separates us, however the argument can be made that it’s on Third St’s side of Franklin Alley. You guys can have the Farmer’s Market in the summer because I’m feeling generous, but it’s moving indoors soon and last time I checked, the Atrium was on Third.


  3. Jessica says:

    F that noise (says 2nd street…only we don’t say fuck over here.) Listen. Second street doesn’t fight. We just look down from our historical society mandated white curtains with glistening eyes/ blood red hearts/black souls. Thinking of things like a little white girl and a little black girl petting a horse at the same time. Or world peace, fine wines…caviar….champagne….leather…lace…democracy, stained glass, elizabeth taylor, jazz musicians, feathers, and that one time a human man defecated in front the historical society. Wuteva. One time. Could happen to anyone. BUT. The dance off…..please. No one forgets the time you entered me in a dance off in Lake George (?) with an 18 year old latino girl that was probably J-Lo and Beyonce’s baby with Prince as a sperm donor. And you how I fight…silently…by killing souls, etc. So, right now…you should know…..I am dancing and giving you a look. The look. THE LOOK. From here. On second. The best. I’m snapping too. In time with the beats. Lalalal la la la lalalalalaaaaa. Snap.

    • cmaxby says:

      Look you may have “less broken windows” and you may have never found “a drunk, crackhead passed out in the bushes of the Crap Shack”, but I can and do have red curtains. Because Third St respects the personal freedoms that this great nation was founded on. Personal freedoms like curtain color, the ability to drink Beast tallboys eventhough you haven’t eaten in three days, and the Ruck’s chicken wings at midnight. That tall, white Baptist church on Third? Uncle Sam was on the board of directors that got it built. Now it’s used as a urinal for the bus stop drunks because that is their American Dream.

      Your Tiffany stained glass? In a frat house. One panel. Mine? In a church. WITH MORE TIFFANY STAINED GLASS. Your panhandlers? Drive down the middle of the street in their scooters every other week and ask for money. Mine? Ask me for money everyday eventhough I have said no every day for the past two years. THAT IS HUSTLE AND COMMITMENT.

      Betty and I will be in Franklin Alley, Cupid Shufflin, awaiting your arrival.

  4. Jessica says:

    Hey Josh heyyyyyyyyyyy.

  5. Josh says:

    oh. my.?

  6. Kathleen Lisson says:

    Love that you can’t give up hats. Me neither.


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