Magna Heartspace Holy Grail


Summer is something else. It’s very difficult to find a moment of free time in ones busy schedule to do something like work, blog, act right, etc. There is practically no time to do anything other than lay in the grass, drink summery drinks, play dress up, ride boats/ horses (pick your poison. HINT: I hate [...]

Feed Me, Seymour

"One English Twist, please!"

I recently spent a brief stretch in prison on a low carb diet followed by a vacation out of the country. During that time (referred to in my household as “Maxby’s Dark Period”) I made a list of all of the things I was looking forward to eating while I was no longer in bread exile and back [...]

Hot Times


ANNOUNCEMENT: We are not dead. (If you remember last summer, we have this tendency to either over indulge in alllllllll the activities OR sit around pantsless….I’ll let your wild imagination decide.) When I’m REALLY hot there are only three things I like to do. Go crazy on iced coffee, ban bras, and not blog. Obviously. [...]

Fear and Loathing in TROY

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 11.57.42 AM

I went to the dentist yesterday. A new dentist, right on 1st about a block away from footsies. It’s not that I need to keep my health professionals in close proximity bars, but it’s not a terrible idea considering I’m allergic to analgesics as well as needles. And blood. Anyway. I’ve made efforts to move [...]

Singing in the sunshine, laughing in the rain.

Gone are the days.

Last night,  Eric Cintron said he is concerned (HATES) that I am less snarky than days of yore. Well my friends, I’m pleased to report the annual upstate NY seasonal depression is giving way to endorphin infused sprints up and down the sunny approach, patio dining, open toed shoes, and ice cream. I can’t be [...]

Empty Threats/Uncle Sam/Spring Fever

I want you. 
To read this blog.

Here’s the thing. Sometimes I don’t have anything new to say about Troy. I mean…..the bar was set pretty high with Maxby posting about current events, teaching us how to use google, and will I ever really top the MC Hammer pants of last winter? Probably not. I feel like my friend Nicole who always [...]

Rites of Spring in Troy, NY

Some people know Spring has sprung by the appearance of daffodils. Troy knows Spring has sprung by the appearance of people wearing jorts.

Many cultures throughout the ages have festivities that mark the passage of Winter into Spring and Modern Trojans are no different. Second only to the Flag Day Parade, the Annual Marching of the Children from Lansingburgh to Downtown Troy has become one of the city’s most honored traditions. The event typically occurs the first warm [...]


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There are some  Fridays  I can’t wait to kick off my weekend with a bougie blowout from Indigo, slip into my most uncomfortable footwear, and paint the town red with sparkles. Sippin’ on some Chloe Creek and indulging in charcuterie delights. Living like someone who knows how to spell charcuterie correctly and on the first [...]

Rumor has it…

In two years we'll look at this photo and marvel at the change

I had the best post about rumors in Troy lined up for this weekend and then was promptly felled by a demon cold thanks to one of my coworkers that refuses to work from home even when she has a shower of snot streaming down her face. I’m burning a hole in the back of [...]


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The shortest and most direct route to Poland is East, one mile up Congress. And the newest way into my heart is to be neatly wrapped in pasta or cabbage. Now you know. I don’t know what it is about the people of Poland, but they are alright with me. My oldest friend Sarah is [...]